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Deleting Duplicate Images

Often when collecting images, you end up with the more than one copy of the same image. Keyboard Image Viewer can analyze your image and show you which ones are duplicates. However, since this takes time to do, the feature is disabled by default. To turn it on, open up Settings (F4) and go to the General tab:


You have two options here:
  • Track duplicates: This will look for duplicate image files. This mode is quite fast but can only find exact duplicates.
  • Use image-based detection: This will analyze the content of your images. It will find duplicates even if one image has been resized, compressed, or had its dimensions slightly altered. This mode is a bit slower when first analyzing new images: it may take a few minutes to analyze a few thousand images. However each image only needs to be analyzed once, so next time you start Keyboard Image Viewer there will be no delay.

Once duplicate tracking is enabled, duplicates will be marked on the info bar.

Exact duplicate (file match):

Image duplicate (image content match):

If you see one of these messages, you can press D to bring up the Duplicates screen:


Here it will show you your current image, any duplicate images and some information about them. You can delete the images you don't want by selecting them, then pressing "Delete Image" or the Delete key. Double-click an image to get a better look at it.

Additionally, you can press Ctrl + D to show all duplicates across your entire image collection:


Just as before, you can delete images or double-click to see a larger view.

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