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Getting Started

Getting Help

Press F1 to show a list of keys and their functions. On this screen you can change the key controls as well; just double click on a key or an empty area to assign a new key or mouse button.

Your Image Library

Keyboard Image Viewer allows you to view and manage a library of images. After you install the program, it will prompt you for a folder that you want to represent your image library:


You can add as many folders as you like, and exclude any subdirectories in those folders. These folders will be scanned each time Keyboard Image Viewer starts (or you can force a new scan by pressing F5). New images will be added, and images that have been moved will be tracked down and their tags and rating will be restored. Deleted files will be automatically removed from the library. So feel free to rearrange your images while the program is not running. If it finds new directories, it will automatically scan them and include any images in them.

At any time you can change what folders to include in your library, by going to the Settings screen (F4) and clicking on the Library Folders tab:


Basic Controls

After you set up your image library, you'll see a random picture and some information about it at the bottom. You can use your left and right arrow keys (or mouse wheel) to scroll through all the images in your collection in a random order. Your middle mouse button (or Alt+Enter) can toggle fullscreen mode. Press O to change the order the images are displayed in (Random, Last Modified or File Name). Press Esc to exit the program.

Tagging, Rating and Searching

You can rate an image simply by pressing 1-5 (or ~ to clear the rating). To view all images rated 3 or higher, you could do a quick search by pressing 3 on your Numpad:


Press Numpad 0 to clear this search parameter and return to the main view.

Tagging images works in a similar manner: press T to edit the tags on an image:


As you type it will suggest tags you've used before. To complete a tag, click a suggested tag, or navigate to it with the up or down keys and press Tab.


To find a specific tag (or combination of tags) read the page on searching. To show all untagged images, press Numpad -. Press it again to remove that search parameter.

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